>Comedy a Go-GO


So last night a local comedy club had a great show with 4 (ok 3 great comics 1 who could have stayed home with his guitar). The first 2 guys were awesome and both named Matt. The second Matt decided it would be fun to lift his shirt a few hundred times and show off his chest (skinny as a rail but hairy YUM).

The Headliner was none other than Hal Sparks from Queer as Folk and Talk Soup and such.

Well this is the Hal Sparks I remember

But who should walk out on to the stage but this Hal

Now Dont get me wrong he was still hot (though im not one for long hair) and the Fact that I was an arms Length away from him was pretty cool too.

I even got to Shake his hand and say Great Show to him on the way out. My one and only Brush with celebrity at our local italian restaurant and comedy showcase. Was a Great Night.


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