>You can do it We can Help!

It’s Home Improvement time at Casa De South St.

So once again the hubby has convinced me to make a minor home decorating improvement.
Now we all know how Handy I am. *pause for laughter*

The picture above illustrates (minus the TACKY tea kettle, and loaf of bread) what the new backsplash in the kitchen will look like once we are finished ripping down the TACKY white tile that at one time long ago matched the floor (which we conveniently changed).

It shouldn’t be too difficult to rip and replace but then many of you haven’t tried todo a home improvement project with me. I guarantee at least one to yell at him because he is picking on me. Usually what winds up happening is that I become the “gopher”, or the Tool Holder. *insert groan here*

So after or possibly even before dinner, we will begin the tear down. After the last couple days of relatives and wacko’s in the office I may need to let some aggression out and bang some tiles with a hammer.

I’ll let ya know how it goes.


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