Wedding Bells

This past weekend we had the pleasure to attend the nuptials of our amazing and fantastic friends Steven and Paul.

Words cannot do justice to the night we had so I will not even attempt to describe it. The Maple Syrup Farm where the ceremony/reception were held was gorgeous, as was some of the staff. The food and drink were flowing and the Macarons that were wheeled out at dessert were delicious. The eclecticism of this group of people brought together for one night really spoke to the type of guys Steven and Paul are. As was said during the night “Opposites truly do attract, and in this case Complement each other”

We were honored to be invited and partake in the love that filled the room that day.

Here are some pictures from the happy occasion.


Hup 2, Three, 4

And so it begins again…..Memorial Day weekend is not only the unofficial start of Summer but it is the Official Start of Parade Season.

This weekend did not disappoint in the Parade Shenanigans. We started with 1 parade on Sunday afternoon which was kind of the warm up to the 2 parades we would have on Monday.

Don’t I look amazing? This was taken Monday morning as we had breakfast and prepared for the day. The Niece (who is 4) let me borrow (begrudgingly) her Princess Headband and Sunglasses to snap a quick pic.

Once breakfast was had it was on the bus and off to Main Street for the line up.


This was the view from where we started. It doesn’t look it up this end but most of the parade route the people were 5 deep and in some spots 10-15 people deep. The weather really does help the turn out and this 21st year of Marching down Main Street was made that much better.

After the local town parade we got back on the bus and headed to the next town over for their parade. Over the years this parade has gone from good to bad to worse back to good.

The good is the length, less than a mile. The bad is the fact that every kid in town is in this parade. The good is they are all behind us. The bad is that the group in front of us moves way too slow. At least there weren’t any horses in front of us like there were at the parade we marched on Sunday.

So here’s to another parade season in full swing, next one is this Friday, see you on The Street.

Bowling wrap up

This past Sunday was the final time this year the Bowling League would all convene in one place. It was another great season with lots of ups and downs. We didn’t win any money as a team but I did manage to walk away with a few baubles.

On the right is my Medal for being on the Board of Directors

Next to that is my Medal for having the 3rd highest men’s average

A small pin for having Perfect attendance

Another Pin for my over 200 game, this year I had 3 of them the highest being 217 in week 2.

A Bottle opener for bowling a game that was 70 pins over my average.

I look forward to next year but know I will see some of the league members over the summer. From here on out it is Parade Posts instead of Bowling posts.

Bowling Week #16 2015 – Finals

And the final week has come. It’s been a great season but. I am ready for it to be over. Next week is our annual awards picnic

Game #1 – 121

Game #2 – 136

Game #3 – 158

My starting average coming into the season was 158 my ending average is 152 which keeps me at the 3rd highest average for men for the season.

This week we played Team Up your Alley who were in 8th place they in turn finished in 8th place.

We took 1 point for the week having us finish the season in 7th place.

The team who took first place was Downton Alley.

Til Next Year!

Bowling Week #15 2015

And the penultimate night of Bowling has come and gone. Just 1 week left.

Game #1 – 200

Game #2 – 134

Game #3 – 180

My starting average going into the night was a 151, my average is now 153.

This week we played Team Spare Me. The spread between our averages and their averages was huge this week, 162 points. We tried our best to overcome it coming close in Game 1 (10 points) and even closer in Game 3 (1 point) but alas we were not able to score any points this week.Going into the final nights position round we are in 7th place.

Next week we play team Up Your Alley.

Not sure how far up we can finish but hoping we can hold them off and at a minimum stay in 7th to finish the year or hopefully higher.

Bowling Week #14 2015

Let’s Go Bowling!

Game #1 – 165

Game #2 – 210

Game #3 – 140

My starting average going into the night was a 150, my average is now 151.

This week we played Team Fruits and Nuts. Half of this team also happens to be 2 really good friends of ours.

We took 3 points for the week pushing us back up into 5th place but only because of the total pin count.

Next week we play Spare Me for the penultimate night.

20 Years

Tonight is a big night for me. As of this posting I am attending the annual Drum Corps Awards Banquet being ushered into the 20 Year Club (or Old Reliables as they are reffered). I join many a men who have come before me including my older Brother.

In the 20 years I have been a member I have held the offices of Secretary, Financial Secretary, and Treasurer.  I have also served on a slew of committees, including but not limited to, Entertainment, Ways and Means, Membership and the last 2 years been a member of the Board of Trustees. I’ve had perfect attendance, and near perfect attendance. I started by playing the Glockenspiel, have marched in the Color Guard, became Drum Major, and have come full circle back to the Glock.

In the time I have been a member I have Graduated High School, bought a house, gotten Married, adopted 6 Greyhounds, had Thyroid Cancer, my nose done, gained 2 Nephews, a Niece, 4 Sisters-in-Law, lost my Mom and a Sister-in-Law, and became a father.

So raise a glass and Salute me tonight!







ChellThis is my sister, she is being honored with 10 years of Service tonight.

This brings the total years of Service combined for my Family to 70.

I took this recording the other night of our newest song, Late in The Evening, I hope you enjoy it.